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Display advertising within the pages of Carpworld is a tried and tested method of growing your business and strengthening your brand. When planning marketing campaigns, magazine advertising forms an integral part of any schedule, and complements online campaigns, retail drives, direct marketing and social media.

Magazine print advertising gives a presence of professionalism, and a nicely laid out ad says,'This person and their business is the real deal. 'Our magazine can put you in touch with exactly the kind of audience that you are looking for.

Display advertising catches readers in the right mood, looking for relaxation or information and in the right frame of mind to be receptive to advertising. Magazines are an active medium where the reader is in control and is committing to the magazine, both financially and with time. The copies are read thoroughly, which means repeated exposure in the number of times the average page in a magazine is looked at by each reader, and then subsequently very often passed on and shared with other like-minded anglers. Readers of magazines are proven to take action as a direct result of seeing display advertising.

At Angling Publications there is a really strong relationship between our readers and their chosen magazines, born from our 28 years in the business and our integrity and passion for fishing. This bond and trust benefits our advertisers, who are seen by our readers as an integral part of the magazine.

Relevant display advertising is highly targeted and valued, and is consumed with interest alongside the editorial content. Readers look at display advertising in much the same way as they view the editorial content. They are looking for information that will be interesting to them, imaginative, informative, eye-catching and entertaining. The closer our advertisers can get to our readers, the greater the communication that develops between the two parties, and ultimately, the success of growing a long-term tangible relationship becomes possible. Magazines allow access to potential prospects as well as existing customers, which is vital for developing commercial partnerships within the marketplace. Our titles are created by the most respected editors in the industry, ensuring that your brand is placed in an environment that is second to none. Our consistently high standard of editorial content ensures that we protect your brand imagery alongside our own.