Angling publications


Angling Publications is a forward-thinking organisation with a deep-rooted link to the sport of carp fishing. Large enough to be professional and small enough to be flexible, we take great pride in our reputation for delivering quality products and excellent service, executed and implemented with integrity and professionalism.

It is 25 years since managing director Tim Paisley pioneered the way for specialist carp magazines, making a huge contribution to the world of carp fishing as we know it today. 25 years later, Angling Publications remains a family business, with our passion for carp fishing remaining as strong as it ever was.

Angling Publications was the first company to launch a newsstand magazine tailored solely to carp fishing, we now have two titles. As well as magazines book publishing has always been a part of Angling Publications and we are proud that we have worked with some of the most successful carp angling authors, including our very own Tim Paisley, Rod Hutchinson, Julian Cundiff, Dave Lane, Darrell Peck and Lee Jackson to name but a few. The publishing of our magazines and books is our core business but there’s much more to us than that, take a look at our Other Services section to see exactly what we do to keep ourselves busy!

Over the years we have become much more than a specialist publisher of carp-fishing magazines. Our current ventures include the following: the UK’s largest publisher of carp-fishing books, joint organisers of the Carpin’ On annual carp exhibition, and part of the driving force behind the Predation Action Group. We also control two carp waters in Shropshire, Birch Grove and The Mangrove. As well as all this we also have our own online retail store, The Carp Store, this enables us to market our products as well as many others effectively to our target audience.

The team members, the engine room, the driving force of Angling Publications is diverse, accumulating in a wealth of knowledge built on experience and age, mixed with dynamics and enthusiasm, but most of all passion.

Magazine Publishing

The first issue of Carpworld, our flagship magazine title, was published in late August 1988 as a quarterly title. Over the first couple of years ‘quarterly’ soon became bi-monthly, then, when the first newsstand competitor appeared Carpworld went monthly, and has gone from strength to strength ever since and is available both in print and digital.

Book Publishing

Angling Publications, publishers of Carpworld, have been publishing carp fishing books for 25 years. Our vast experience and unique route to market enables us to offer potential authors a variety of different publishing packages to suit large or small print runs. Our services range from proof reading, design and layout, to fully managed production, illustration, print, marketing & sales packages. For more information please contact us.