Nutrabaits - Still Rollin…and Rockin!

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Originally formed way back in 1986 by regular Carpworld columnist, Bill Cottam and his long time friend, Tim Paisley, the Nutrabaits brand has been synonymous with the very best and most effective carp baits money can buy for over three decades and the Yorkshire based outfit continue to push the boundaries in terms of what it is possible to achieve with correctly formulated, top quality ingredients and additives.

By their own admission the last few years have been enormously frustrating for the company; in late 2015 - following a bleed on his brain - long term head honcho, Bill stood down as Managing Director and sold the company to The TAG Group. Great things were promised of course, but sadly the new owners were unable to take the company forward and provide the impetus and financial backing that was required to take the brand on to the next level. More recently though a Northern based investor has taken over the reins and we are happy to report that the company is now rapidly re-establishing itself as one of the carp world’s leading carp bait companies. For many years Nutrabaits products have been on sale in fifty different countries!

The company is still run by the pre-TAG Group, time served, work force - plus a couple of additional members of staff - who have been added to cope with the recent increase in demand - plus office and administration staff and management; a highly experienced team that ensures that the company is once again taking huge strides forward. Bill Cottam remains very much a part of the team and heads up product sourcing and development and the time-served group of sponsored anglers.

We caught up with Bill and asked him about what the future holds for the Nutrabaits brand…


“These are very exciting times for the company and the new regime has brought everything they promised to the table and more…

We are currently all hands to the pumps to ensure global availability is back to where it should be and with that in mind we are currently talking to UK retailers in an attempt to re-establish ourselves within their stores.

Keeping up with demand has been one of our main headaches in recent years, but thankfully our day to day stock holding makes our ultimate aim – to despatch all orders within 24 hours – a very realistic one.

It is very pleasing - if not a little humbling - to witness the droves of anglers who are now returning to the brand that has served them so well over the years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Nutrabaits users new and old for their incredible support!”



    ith classic baits such as Trigga, Trigga Ice, Blue Oyster and Tecni-Spice within the range, Nutrabaits could have been forgiven for resting on their laurels a little, but that is simply not in the companies make up; early 2018 will see BFM: Krill & Cranberry + - an updated version of the all conquering Big Fish Mix and Cranberry recipe - hit the shelves,  word from the sponsored anglers and field testers is that the addition of Liquid Krill, N-Butyric Acid and a couple of undisclosed bits and pieces has served to make this bait even better than the original…and believe me, that is saying something!

The connoisseur hook bait range has also been bolstered with the addition of a new selection of Alternative Hookbait Corkie Wafters and Dumbell Corkie Wafters to complement the Trigga, Trigga; Pineapple & N-Butyric, Trigga Ice and BFM: Krill & Cranberry ranges.

Add to that the fact that new packaging which bears even more product information and ingredient analysis is on the horizon, and you will maybe start to understand why word on the street is that Nutrabaits is back in a very big way…

Bill and the boys will be present at most of the UK and European shows in 2018, so ensure you pop along and say hello or failing that, keep up to speed with the happenings at Planet Nutrabaits via the company’s website and various Social media platforms…

It would be no exaggeration to say that Nutrabaits have played a huge part in shaping the modern day carp scene over the years and the recent strides forward certainly suggest that they will most definitely continue to do more of the same in the years that follow.

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Philippa Dean