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In the May issue…

Jumbo the Carp - Simon Crow

Simon resurrects the story of a monster carp from Yorkshire which set the grapevine alive in 1983

Decisions made and ambitions achieved  - Al White

Al gets itchy feet and wanders back over the road for another stab at Wraysbury 1 and three of its inhabitants in particular

Colour Coordinated - Ian Chillcott

Need a pair of sunglasses to attach your Day-Glo pop-ups? The brighter the better? Chilly’s not sure bait colour makes the slightest difference...

Westbourne Revisited - Keith Fender

Keith looks back at his time on a relatively unknown, Sussex stillwater located near Chichester

Horton Complex Specials - Stuart Higgs

Stuart takes a fond look back at his time on Horton. In amongst the monsters of the Church Lake and Kingsmead 1, there are some truly special fish...

Pecky’s Progress - Darrell Peck

Sick to the back teeth with attending angling shows Darrell gets a chance to recharge his batteries on a filming trip to France for Korda’s Thinking Tackle and have some serious ‘me’ time. Getting the net under a fish or two made it difficult to think of it as work... but don’t tell the missus

The  F Word - Paul Forward

No fish for Mr F though not for the want of trying – despite those Beasts from the East. Nevertheless, our intrepid hero demonstrates that if you choose your mates wisely you can still enjoy yourself on the bank and rely on them in your hour of need...

A Man for All Seasons - Dave Lane

There is something fresh and new about the world in May – the greens are just that little bit greener, the bird song is just that little bit more vibrant. Dave believes May is a great time to be on the bank when opportunities are rarely better for big fish

Carp Diary - Myles Gibson

Myles is back with an update on how he’s easing back into his fishing, now the worst of winter has passed and he’s settled into a new home...

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