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In the March issue…

Rig-Or-Mortis! - Ian Chillcott
It may surprise many readers that Chilly finds rigs just about the least interesting subject in carp fishing. When you consider most anglers rather strangely credit all their successes to their rigs, it’s odd that Ian has written so little about them over the years. He’s decided to put that right...

Carp Diary - Myles Gibson
Myles Gibson continues his run of form on Dinton Pastures, ending the year on a high

The 70% Gang... - Julian Cundiff
This month, Jules offers Part 1 of his guide that detail the 10 factors he has seen, copied and, in some cases developed himself, that can make any reader, yes any of you, more successful in 2018

Pecky’s Progress - Darrell Peck
A few blanks and Pecky was looking for some action – so a bit of a ‘runs’ water was in order

Straining Credulity - Kevin Clifford
Everyone’s heard of Leneys and Dink strains, some may even think they’ve caught Italians and Royals. Kevin
Clifford believes most of this strain malarkey is smoke and mirrors (pun intended)

Discovering day tickets - Loz East
The first in his new day ticket series sees Loz visit Butterley Reservoir in some hard winter conditions

Carp and poppies in the Fields of Flanders - Raf Swinnen
Raf Swinnen explores the history of his great-grandfather’s time in the Great War and pays a homage by visiting the scene of the historic Belgian battle on the banks of the Yser River

A Man for all Seasons - Dave Lane
At this time of year subtle changes are taking place – Dave gives his thoughts on how this affects location, baiting and zigs

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