In This Month's issue of Carpworld- on sale 19th OCTOBER

The November issue of Carpworld is on sale now and includes all of the following.....

Kevin Nash Interview

We bring to a close our three-part interview with Kevin about his last 30 years in carp fishing and the tackle industry.

Mark Walsingham  - The Redmire Restoration

Welcome to the first part of what will become an ongoing project for us, as we watch the efforts of Mark and his team as they restore quite possibly the most iconic water ever, to its former glory.

Rob Beckett  -  Royal Berkshire

After calling time on his previous water and a last-minute change of plans to a European trip, Rob Beckett’s unplanned trip to a lake near Reading provided him with just the type of venue he’d been looking for.

Alan Blair - Urban Banx – Underwater

If you ever get an opportunity to do something in life, whether it is to jump out of an aeroplane, or race a car around a track, you should always take those opportunities. Recently, one such opportunity was presented to Alan – would he like to learn to dive?

Dave Lane - A Man for All Seasons

As we recover from the first big winds of the year, Dave looks on as autumn passes the baton to winter, reminiscing on battles won and sights seen at this special time of the year.

Darrell Peck - Pecky’s Progress

Darrell limbers up for his autumnal Euro adventures on a whistle-stop tour of Belgium with a camera crew on standby, the last of his Korda duties for a while ...

Ian Chillcott - Still Unbroken

It would appear Mr Chillcott’s fire is well and truly lit at present. As well as catching lots of them, he’s catching some fairly large carp too. The past month has seen a visit to his latest syndicate, a fish-in and a trip down memory lane to the Yateley complex.

Chris Ball - Back in the Day

Chris again rummages through his store of epic carp tales, and the ‘pages’ this month fall open at the story of a monster carp that existed in the 1970s in a small secluded Kent lake, known as East Peckham.

Plus Dave Lane, Darrell Peck, Ian Chillcott, Chris Ball, Tim Paisley, Julian Cundiff, Robert Gibson, Mike Kavanagh, Oz Holness, Dave Lane, Max Cottis, Loz East, Dave Levy, Al White and many more….