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dynamite baits - bait package

We’ve put together these fantastic bait packages in conjunction with the guys at Dynamite Baits, giving you the choice of two well-proven fish-catching bait packages complete with hookbaits and glugs to give an added boost of attraction. 

Monster Tiger Nut has been a very successful bait over the years, and is just as effective on waters that have never seen it before. It’s a superb all-year-round bait which is as productive in summer as it is in winter. 

The other option is the Monster Tiger Nut Red-Amo, which was born when a new fruit palatant was discovered; it matched the sweet aroma of the tiger nut brilliantly, giving a whole new sweet and delicious smell that carp simply adore. 

Both bait packages come with 3kg of 15mm boilies and matching liquid attractant, which can be used to boost the baits to add even further attraction. They are supplied with Fluro Pop-ups and Dumbells, which can be used as hookbaits on their own or as tippers when combined with a bottom bait on the Hair. 

Both varieties of bait come with a Dynamite Carp Bucket, which has a fitted tray in the top that is perfect for storing any pop-ups, liquids or PVA bags. The only difference between the two bait packages is that the Tiger Nut package comes with a 100ml bottle of concentrate dip, which is perfect for dipping baits before casting to give higher attraction. The Red-Amo package comes with a tub of Hardened Hookbaits which are ideal for waters with more nuisance species, or when leaving the rods out for a longer period of time. 

Choose from either package, plus 12 issues of Carpworld delivered to your door. Worth up to £117.45 for only £66.00, saving you a huge £50!!