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Gardner - Rig Pack

We’ve put together this awesome rig package with the team at Gardner, and what a package it is! It will provide you with enough terminal gear to tie a vast range of different presentations, everything from a Naked Chod rig right through to a combi rig type setup for a bottom bait, the world really is your oyster when it comes to what you can tie using this comprehensive packager.

This package contains, two different types of hooklnik Gardner 25lb Sly Skin, and Gardner Tip Wire 25lb both of which are very versatile. You get 3 x 2m lengths of Covert Rig Tube which works perfectly with the Covert Lead Clips to create a superb tangle proof setup, plus size 8 Covert Rolling Swivels, and size 8 Covert Ring Swivels, that fit the Covert Lead Clips exactly. You also get a Gardner Lead-safe System that can be used in a wide variety of different ways; Covert Rig Rings, Covert Safety Beads, Target Line Stops, Covert Buffer Beads, and two packs of Covert Chod hooks that means you can tie the perfect Naked Chod or Hinged Stiff rig. Talking of hooks, you also get two packs of Covert Continental Muggas which are ideal for a wide range of rigs including bottom baits, pop-ups and wafters.

All you need to do now is tie your favourite rig, add a bait, and a lead, and you really are ready to go. This brilliant Gardner package is worth £62.69, can you afford to miss out on this brilliant deal?


NGT - 3-Season Sleeping Bag

This 3-Season, multi-climate, lightweight sleeping bag from NGT is ideal for warmer nights where a comfortable sleeping bag is still needed. It features a strap on the underside and slots on both the head and foot sections to allow it to be securely fixed to any bedchair. Weighing in at just over 2.5kg, it’s easy to transport and is perfect
for summer/autumn nights on the bank. 

You get the NGT 3-Season sleeping bag worth £44.95, plus 12 issues of Carpworld delivered worth £57.00 – a combined total of £101.95, you pay just £65.00, saving you nearly £37.00! 

Features include:

 • Soft 190T waterproof polyester material

• Fully micro fibre fleece lined with 100% hollow fibre filling

• Can be un-zipped to create a large blanket

• Supplied with travel bag

• Size:  210 x 90 x 7cm