Record Denied

The British Record (rod-caught) Fish Committee met at Fishmongers’ Hall, London, back in November 2016. Present were: Nick Simmonds (secretary), Oliver Crimmen (scientific advisor, Natural History Museum), Nigel Hewlett (scientific advisor, Environment Agency), Andrew Nellist (freshwater specialist), Chris Clark (sea fish specialist), and Paul Coulson (freshwater specialist).

The committee considered a claim for the carp record received from Tom Doherty, in respect of his capture of the fish known as Big Rig from The Avenue fishery, at a weight of 69lb 3oz. After lengthy discussion and careful consideration of this claim, the committee concluded that on the basis of the evidence available, this fish is a cultivated fish which has been grown-on under an artificial feeding regime, to a weight close to or exceeding the existing species record, prior to stocking in the water from which it was caught. The BRFC does not accept claims for cultivated fish and therefore rejected this claim.

Tom’s carp will be mentioned in the Top 50 coarse fish listings, which record the 50 largest specimens of the most popular coarse fish species reported in the angling media, and published on the BRFC Web pages.

The British Record Carp currently stands at 68lb 1oz, namely The Parrott, caught from Wasing Estate Lake by Dean Fletcher on January 13th 2016.

Mick Clifford