New Recruit for RidgeMonkey

RidgeMonkey are pleased to announce that long-range casting maestro Terry Edmonds has joined RidgeMonkey on a consultancy basis. The Essex-based Carp Team England casting coach is widely regarded as one of the biggest carp tackle casters in Europe, with fixed spool casts of over 263m on the tournament field and overhead casts in excess of 220m.

Terry had this to say about the appointment “It’s an honour to be invited to work with RidgeMonkey and I’m excited to be able to assist in the development of their forthcoming end tackle range. In particular, main lines are my specialist subject field and I will be working closely with the team to ensure that they are at the absolute top of the game. If any single product is not good enough, I won’t be signing it off”

The former three times UK record holder will be a big asset to the brand as they expand the range in the future. His experience and knowledge of the equipment required by anglers of all abilities will be utilised to ensure that our soon to be released range of main lines is the very best that it can possibly be.

Mick Clifford