Carp Life 2 is Now Available

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The long-awaited follow-up to Carp Life, written by Mike Willmott and first printed in 2002, is now available, and in perfect time for Christmas. It is printed in full colour throughout, and contains 464 pages and a stunning array of photography. The book also contains numerous sketches and coloured lake maps by Craig Stannard.

Pete Springate has provided a highly entertaining foreword, and the book has a massive 13,000-word chapter on the subject of carp bait. Mike explains in detail about his quest to catch the Black Mirror from the enigmatic Colnemere, and this includes three enthralling chapters on his epic journey to success from this remarkable venue. He reveals why all the Mere fish perished in 2010, and how he helped nurture hundreds of baby black mirrors from eggs to adults in order to keep the bloodline alive. Did any of them find their way home? Mike reveals all!

He has been given special permission to include chapters on the historic Frampton Court estate lake, with stories that have never been seen in print before. His journey covers many different UK venues, including Stoneacres, Dinton, Springwood, some fantastic river fishing, and several different countries.

Mike tends to keep away from the public eye these days, so all the material is fresh, written in his unique style and humour. Don’t expect it all to be a bed of roses though, because Mike speaks openly and frankly about his life, and holds absolutely nothing back in this gripping autobiography.


Special signed copies of Carp Life 2 can be ordered from the following website:

Alternatively, order by phone: 01278 427634. 

Mick Clifford