Otter-proof Fencing Schemes Having a Positive Effect on Birdlife


The AIF award has enabled the completion of many otter fencing schemes around the country, one in particular being the 1,000m of otter fencing installed at Marlborough Pool, which is 6 miles from Oxford. Otters have been attacking the stock of carp for the past 2 years, and it has been having a serious impact on the fishing at this popular venue. Even assistance from Oxford University, by way of purpose-built scarers, did little to prevent the otters taking the carp. Interestingly, since the fence was completed, the club has noticed an increase in bird activity around the lake, with many ducks and other small waterbirds now nesting within the safety of the new fence. The club is planning on introducing new fish to replace those lost to the otters.

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Mick Clifford