Armycarpers Round-Up

As we come towards the end of May it would be a great time to give you an update as to the state of Army Carp fishing after what was our 3rd Qualifying Event (QE), held just recently.

Our year runs from 01st October until 30th September the following year, which means we have 1 x Qualifying Event (QE) event before Xmas and then the other 4 QE’s from April onwards, which hopefully coincides with some better weather, although that’s not always the case!

QE 1 happened back in November on Willow Park down near Aldershot.  Sadly the weather & fish were against us and very few fish were caught but just enough to get some results, thankfully.  The bad weather was because we were being battered by storm Angus hitting the banks.  We managed to have a brolly blow over the lake, after being dragged from the ground whilst an angler slept!  It floated / blew across the lake and the lucky angler managed to get it back from the other side, although rather wet now.  Back to the fishing and in fact we only had 3 x double figure fish and 1 x single fish out, the rest of us blanked.  A 17lb common was good enough for Dave & Jimmy and the win was theirs, with Luke & Chris 2nd and Terry & Matt 3rd.  We then had a nice break over the festive period with the next QE not until April and some better weather we hoped?

With April came a new challenge as we went to fish Horcutt Lake, near Circester a brand new venue for all of us and the owners said we should have a great time.  Sadly once again the weather and fish were against us, are we jinxed or what??  Well we did manage a few more fish but two of these actually came out within 1hr remaining of the match..!!  So it just goes to show you that you should keep going right until the end and make every minute count, as you never know?

The results from QE2 where: 3 x fish for 40lb 06ozs to Shaun & Gavin with Rudi & Andy second, Chris & Luke third and finally with the last fish of the event Ant & Ian.  With both events having different winners and runners-up our yearly Leader Board was still very close with lots of anglers on varying points but all within striking distance.

So last weekend we moved onto QE 3 at Clattercote Res, near Banbury with some massive hopes and expectations.  We had as a group fished the venue before and it had produced very well so hopes were high.  Thankfully Clattercote didn’t disappoint with all 11 pairs catching fish over the 48hr period.

We had 7 x pairs catch over the 100lb mark with 3 of those going past the 250lb mark.  Our eventually winners, who were 150lb behind with 16hrs to go were Dave & Jimmy with a fantastic weight off 579lbs 14ozs and 69 fish.  When speaking to Jimmy after the event he said “it was manic, with 16hrs to go we were well behind but we had a MAD hour just before dark and had 14 x fish and we said to each other, we have to go for it now as we must be close to the leaders, Tim & Chris”. They went for it big style and in fact didn’t get any sleep that night but kept fishing, baiting & catching which in the end put them 175lbs in front for the win.  When asked about winning the event Jimmy said “it’s great, absolutely fantastic, he (Dave) worked me really hard but it paid off now home to the wife and bed as I’m shattered”

The results from QE 3 then were as follows: 1st with 69 fish for 579lbs 14ozs Dave & Jimmy, 2nd with 49 fish for 432lbs 07ozs were Kev & Mike and 3rd with 46 fish for 414lbs 15ozs were Tim & Chris.  Those points added together on to our Leader Board make for very close fishing at the top:


1.       Luke Mittens      24 points (10, 9, 5 points) landed a bigger fish.

2.       Chris Hancock    24 points (10, 9, 5 points)

3.       James Cain          23 points (11, 1, 11 points)


And there are also 5 other anglers all within striking distance of that top position should any of these have a disappointing event or events in QE 4 & 5.

With just 2 events left to decide our Champion for the year it’s still all to play for and we have a couple of hard venues coming up, namely “the Quarry” and a Military lake near Aldershot.  Both can be extremely tricky waters and some luck on the draw and with the fish would come in handy for all anglers fishing those events.

If you are interested in fishing any of the Armycarpers events then get in touch with myself, Tim Gray – or our Secretary – Tim Tyler on .  Or check out our website at leave a message and we will be in touch.  We do have a Facebook page but due to security reason that is for “Members” only. 

All events are OPEN to both serving and Ex-serving members of the Army with a small Membership fee (which brings with it many perks.!) and an event fee you can join us fishing these great events on some fantastic waters & just stay in touch with the banter of being in the Military.  The QE events can also be taken as seriously or as relaxed as you’d like to make them, there is no pressure.  There are points available & prizes but if you want to just chill out and fish for the weekend then you can just as easily as putting your competition head on and going for it.  The choice is yours?

We hope to see you on the bank sometime in the future or fishing one of our events, until the next time, stay safe & be lucky.

Tight Lines

Tim Gray

Press Officer


Mick Clifford