Linch Hill Fisheries - Baby Poolies Banked at 44lb 4oz

I arrived at Linch Hill early on Sunday morning, as it tends to get extremely busy. I headed down the path with my bucket, and the wind was a southwesterly blowing over to End Trees. There was a lot of pressure, with lines in the water at that end, and with the weather turning hot over the next few days, I decided to fish on the back of it closer to the shallow end. Not seeing much to go on, I found myself three spots; two on hard gravel and one slightly in the silt. I started off with eight Spombs on each spot, using Monster Particles’ Ghost and Nature Baits’ Alpha chops. It was slow, with nothing showing and only a few liners.

The morning soon come around and there were fish smashing approx. 70 yards out in the middle of the lake, so I quickly packed up and moved into a swim directly in front of them. I put two singles out but nothing was happening, so decided to put 25 Spombs out at 70 yards. The weather was getting warmer. I wound the rods in and headed off for a breakfast so I could leave the swim to rest and the carp to feed freely.

At 7.00 p.m. the rods went back out. I decided to use a Helicopter setup with a D-Rig on all rods, with Deception Angling Size 6 Curve, and bait screws with Nature Baits’ Berry Bite wafter. At 5.00 a.m. I woke to a serious liner, and decided to just sit and watch the water for any signs of fizzing or shows in any way. At 8.00 a.m. my right rod ripped off, and I hit into it. It felt big, and because I was using braided main line, my heart dropped every time it tipped the dorsal. Twenty minutes later she began to tire, so I waded out further because there was so much weed in front of me. I placed the net ready, and there she was – a sight I will never forget. She slowly eased her way into the net; it was Baby Poolies at 44lb 4oz.

Mick Clifford