A Reason to Celebrate!

“The Carp Society fundraising weekend was held on the 15th and 16th of July and one of the objectives of the weekend was to acknowledge and honour Tim Paisley’s contribution to The Carp Society. We wanted to surprise him so we had to secretly find out when he was available to be here. Now, as you can imagine Mr Paisley is a very, very busy and active chap and his diary is chocka and the only weekend he was free was July 15th and 16th. We couldn’t possibly hold the weekend of celebration and not have him here so July 15th and 16th it had to be, it’s as simple has that. One of the many reasons it was so important to have Tim here was that we have named the onsite lodge here at Horseshoe in Tim’s honour, so he lodge is now called: ‘The Tim Paisley Lodge’.

We presented Tim with a plaque that will be going up on the wall. I think Tim was suitably proud and humbled and a little embarrassed to receive such an accolade but it is the least we could of done to show our appreciation of all the things he has done for carp fishing and especially on this occasion, The Carp Society. He and Greg Fletcher started this whole thing off in 1981 in a flat in Sheffield and we are now an internationally-known organisation that has brought pleasure to thousands and thousands of people and, largely due to Tim, it will bring pleasure to thousands and thousands more people in the future, so ‘The Tim Paisley Lodge’ is very aptly named.” Miles Carter.

Tim will be covering the event in detail in next month’s Carping On, but from your team here at Carpworld HQ, we’d just like to say, well done, a well-deserved honour, and we’re all very proud of you.

Mick Clifford