Wingham protects its stocks


Wingham Fisheries has announced the completion of their otter fence. The complex is home to nine different 50-pounders, which are priceless having taken over 20-years of nurturing to grow to that size. The fence has been built to a very high specification using heavy duty fencing, along with metal posts to help it stand the test of time. Due to the Main Lake and Carp Lake being separated by a stream, both lakes have been fenced separately at great expense to the fishery. Thankfully, the Angling Improvement Fund, administered by the Angling Trust on behalf of the Environment Agency, helped a great deal. Wingham owner Steve Burke told Carpworld: “Having spent over 20 years creating something beyond my wildest dreams I couldn't stand by and allow it to be destroyed in perhaps as many weeks.  It has been a massive cost, but having already sacrificed so much in the past it was clearly the right thing to do to protect Wingham for future generations.”

Beverley Clifford