Sunderland Marine backs the ANLRS

The ANLRS is delighted to announce that Sunderland Marine, specialists in Marine, Aquaculture and Angling Lakes Insurance, has kindly offered to donate £1000 to the scheme in support of its work for the year ahead in promoting the recycling of angling fishing line. The team from Sunderland Marine, which offers insurance for commercial fishing vessels, aquaculture business and more recently angling lakes, felt that there are strong links between the businesses that they insure and the ANLRS’s drive to maximise the amount of angling monofilaments being recycled properly.

Viv Shears, one of the ANLRS volunteers, said “The recycling scheme was always angling-focused but is expanding to work with other organisations that deal with lost and discarded equipment from all types of fishing operations. Getting anglers to work with these organisations is only a positive for the sport and the whole of the fish industry.”

ANLRS is a non-profit, donation-funded and volunteer lead organisation that is encouraging anglers of all disciplines to recycle their monofilament and braided lines, rather than being discarding them via landfill or incineration.

Launched in March 2018 the scheme now has over 160 shops signed up along with several fisheries, charter boats and fishery colleges.



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Telephone: Viv Shears 07843 306661/Steven Tapp 07710 186476

Mick Clifford