Les Webber’s Angling Projects Centre

The latest group to receive tackle, free of charge, from Les Webber’s Angling Projects is Netherley Valley Youth Angling Project, which is run by Tom Marshall Snr and his team. For over 42 years now, Les has worked tirelessly to get more youngsters into angling – and he has had much success along the way.

All the tackle that he has donated to 63 groups from around the country so far, has come from caring anglers who have given all their surplus tackle to Les for his project. One such angler is Karl Law, who very sadly, is fighting a losing battle against terminal cancer. Rather than leave his fishing tackle to a non-fishing family member in his will, he has chosen to see it go to people who will make good use of it in the future.

To help Les run his brilliant Centre, based down in Berkshire, he needs funds as well as tackle. This can be done by going to his ‘Just Giving’ page or sending it direct to Les, whose address can be found on his web page.

Please help to support this fantastic project.


Mick Clifford