Wainstone Syndicate Water

Fox consultant, Mark Pitchers, who is the owner of the famous northern venue has recently released his plans to convert Wainstones into an exclusive, weekly bookings venue upon its reopening in 2020. This will see the two acre pool being booked in five-day blocks, between Monday and Friday, for up to four anglers. The venue is currently closed following a fish kill last year. In the meantime, Mark is taking this opportunity to carry out some intensive maintenance work on-site, including a total drain down, the removal of 25 years of silt build-up, the re-sculpting of the bottom and even re-landscaping of the surrounding land! Mark has also created a brand new stock pond adjacent to the main lake where the survivors, including a handful of thirties, several twenties and a few doubles are settling in alongside fresh stock from quality suppliers such as CS Fisheries, Fishers Pond and AJS. Prices are yet to be confirmed but as and when they are, we will give you more details

IMAGE 7 - Wainstones.JPG
Beverley Clifford