huge donation to Angling Projects

In October 2017, Les Webber received an email from Bait-Tech asking him exactly how much bait he used, something he found difficult to respond to as he hadn’t got a clue. In the end he said that if they were prepared to donate a few bags of bait, it would be very much appreciated. In February of this year, he received a further email saying that a pallet of bait was on its way. Expecting to receive about 10-20kg, or possibly a bit more, when it arrived it turned out to be quite a lot more! About 400kg - as you can see in the picture. In a statement, Les said “We are overwhelmed by this donation and on behalf of all the youngsters, veterans and adults with learning difficulties that visit our Centre - I say a very big thank you to Bait-Tech and their CEO Hayley Goldsmith for their very generous support”. Angling Projects relies solely on donations, both in terms of tackle and financial support.

Angling Projects - Bait Tech Donation Image.jpg
Mick Clifford