Mainline release a new bait range

Freezer Baits-02.jpg

The launch of any new freezer bait is very special as far as Mainline are concerned, any bait joining their range needs to be, and The Link is certainly that! Dark red in colour, with a fishmeal-style aroma, it immediately separates itself from the rest of their range in appearance and smell, although there is far more to this bait than meets the eye or nose. Incorporating new, key active ingredients that are exclusive to Mainline, it has brought a level of results that have shocked the field-testing team over the last two years, seeing the likes of Darrell Peck, a long term Cell and Hybrid user smash his PB with an elusive 74lb carp. These new active and crucial ingredients that have in effect brought about the creation of The Link, simply take two key boilie characteristics to the next level; the diffusion of feed-inducing stimulants, and ease of digestion. As you’d expect from any dedicated freezer bait from Mainline there is also an extensive range of hookbaits, liquids, pellets and groundbaits to compliment the boilies themselves.

The Link.jpg
Mick Clifford