Lions roar again...

Lions roar1.jpg

England’s lionesses added another significant international victory to their list of honours with a win in the Home International Anglo Welsh Cup.
Hosted at CRT Drayton reservoir in Daventry, the competition saw Carp Team England’s lionesses once again prove victorious, lifting The Clifford Cup for the third time in a row. Unlike domestic competitions, the event is fished under FIPSed international regulations in preparation for full world championship status next year.
Three pairs from each nation took to the field at Drayton, fishing head to head across three sections. England dominated two, with Wales taking victory in the third. A total of 81 fish were caught by the ladies with the biggest a 20lb 2oz mirror for England’s Lyn Worster and Kellie Margerrison.

Lions roar1.jpg
Mick Clifford