2019/20 Fishing licences


Just a gentle reminder from us that with the impending close of the old season – and no doubt, the start of a fresh one within a week or two for most – it is vital that you don’t forget to renew (or buy for the first time) a rod licence.

Please also remember that it’ll need to cover the relevant number of rods too. There is simply no point in buying a 2-rod licence if it is your intent to fish a venue that permits three, or even four. It can prove very cost ly in the long run, as one or two high-profile offenders can no doubt confirm.

A 2-rod licence for the coming year is set at £45, while one covering the addition of a third will set you back £60.

As usual, they are available from your local Post Office, or online at the government website – and please don’t get taken in by these website that offer to do it and charge you a fee. Make sure you are using the following website:


Beverley Clifford