Iain Macmillan

IAIN MAC 1.jpg

As many of you will no doubt have read, Iain has recently been diagnosed with cancer. While it is still a little early to talk about outcomes, he is already undergoing some fairly heavy-duty treatment by way of some lengthy chemotherapy sessions.

I used to snigger at his ridiculous efforts to maintain the physique of a (smallish) teenager. However, it appears to have paid off in the respect that the doctors say his level of fitness will stand him in very good stead for the long haul moving forwards.

Above all and most importantly, his attitude and outlook have remained as positive as ever. If any of you are at a loose end, please take the time to drop him a swift message of support. He has been inundated already, but we know he’d appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe! Be strong Iain, you have our love and best wishes.

Beverley Clifford