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Fish Kills- Every anglers’ nightmare

You insure your car and your house, this may be due to legal reasons, but, you also insure them as most people can’t afford to replace these should the worst happen. This being the case, if you own or rent your own fishery and the worst happens, can you afford to replace the lost stock to the standard you had before? In most cases, the answer would be no.

We know that most fisheries do all they can to alleviate any risk to the fish stocks, with dipping tanks, aerators and strict rules concerning the introduction of new stock. However, there are situations that occur that are simply out of your control, such as birdlife bringing in disease, algal blooms and pollution. Should any of these occur it can be catastrophic to your fish stocks.

The aftermath of such an occurrence can be disastrous, both in the short term and long term. If a fish-kill happens you will need to incur the cost of restocking, with most fisheries in our experience not having the available funds to do this. Furthermore, if you have a depleted stock it is difficult to attract new members/anglers and retain your existing ones. Let’s be honest; who wants to fish a lake when your chosen quarry has gone, when there are now so many other fisheries to choose from?

This is why Insure My Lake was set up with a leading insurer who specialises in Aquaculture, to alleviate some of strain that a fish kill can cause. It allows fisheries to insure the loss of all stock, or part of that stock, depending on your requirement and in most cases, costs the same as a few memberships.

For peace of mind for your members and the fishery-alike, this really is a no brainer. Please see www.insuremylake.co.uk and speak to one of their consultants. We know you will be pleasantly surprised.

In the first instance, you can email: nick@rtwaters.com, or contact him via the telephone on: 07767 811757.

Mick Clifford