Dovetail Games signs Scott Martin and Ali Hamidi for major game update


Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour will bring over 100 professional anglers from real-world bass, carp and predator fishing into the game, as part of a huge Career Mode release. And with the endorsement of world class professional anglers Scott Martin and Ali Hamidi, there’ll never be a better time to match your angling skills against the professionals.

Ali Hamidi, who is also the executive producer and presenter of ITV’s Monster Carp and The Big Fish Off shows had this to say: “As a massive gamer it’s super cool to be involved with Dovetail Games and Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. The game is so authentic - I take my role as an angling ambassador very seriously and I love that kids and adults playing this sim will learn skills that will really help when out fishing for real.”

Fishing Sim World is available to buy now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at £14.99/$19.99/€19.99. Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, will be a free update for all owners of the current Fishing Sim World game. It is launching on 18th July 2019.


Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour - New Features

Career Mode – Start your very own angling career and work your way up to an elite angler by mastering new skills and rising through the rankings. Gain a social media following. Negotiate sponsorships deals from over 50 licensed partners and fish against over 100 pro anglers including Scott Martin, Ali Hamidi, John Crews, Bryan Thrift, Dave Levy, Ian Russell and many more. Choose whether you want to fish for bass, carp, predators, or all three, at professional level. Your angling path is in your hands with the ability to change your discipline at any given time.

Custom Multiplayer - Take to the waters and fish against your friends online. Choose your own multiplayer options such as number of rounds, length of match, catch species, weather conditions, time and date, etc.

Community and Mastery Challenge System – Complete community, weekly and in-game mastery challenges to unlock exclusive items.

Online Tournaments - Participate in the Dovetail Fishing League to try and earn the coveted title of “Angler of the Month” for great rewards.

New Fish Equipment and Venues – 29 species of fish are available to target, including varieties of bass, carp, European catfish and muskie. Barbel, channel catfish, brown and rainbow trout will make their debut at launch. Fully licensed equipment will be available from over 50 licensed partners to choose from including Korda, RidgeMonkey, 13 Fishing, Booyah and many more. 10 venues will be available at launch, including three new US lakes, Lake Guntersville, Lake Travis and Lake Miller.


How we put the fish in game

We start by doing as much research into the species as possible. We use the internet extensively to conduct research, ranging from shapes and sizes of fish, pattern variations, colour variations, where they like to be within a lake, what lures/baits they like, etc. This all informs the creation of the fish, both artistically and in the game design. We also try to get out and experience the species in question in real life if we can, this helps us to create something as authentic as possible.

For carp specifically, we have been working with Simon Scott, a carp behavioural specialist, for many a number of our species to ensure they react in as life-like a way as possible. When creating a new species of fish, we start off by creating a basic mesh for the species which has all the necessary topology for deformation and movement of the fish. This is the base on which we sculpt all of the high resolution details. The next process is to start sculpting the fish to produce a high polygon model. We do this using ZBrush (software), which simulates real world sculpting digitally. At this point, the fish is in the millions of polygons and wouldn’t work in the engine (Unreal Engine 4) so we down-res the mesh to a more manageable polycount – this is known as retopology.

The next process is to UV unwrap the model, which is making it ready for texturing before it is baked. Once the baking has taken place, we use a piece of software called Substance Painter which allows us to create colour variations of the individual fish. Masks are also created to add random patterns onto the body of the fish. Scales are then added within UE4.

It is then time to start rigging and we have a rig for the fish that we adjust for the different species. Once the species has been rigged, it is skinned to make it ready for animation – the joints on the rig are animated which deforms the geometry via the skin weights. Making the fish swim and move in the water. At this stage it is ready to be sent to the animation team, who gets it ready to be submitted into the game engine. Once submitted, materials are created which allow us to manipulate the colour, scales and patterns of the fish. We create blendshapes in Maya for different varieties of fish in terms of length / weight / features, such as long tails to ensure that every fish in the lake is different and it’s hard to catch the same fish twice.

The final stage is to test all of this in the engine, and set up weight curves so that the game knows how much each size/blendshape should weigh, before bringing the final animations into the engine, completing the process!

In an effort to be incredibly authentic, and like-for-like, our development team visited Gigantica and took over 1000 pics to help create the lake.

Mick Clifford