Justin Carter fundraising event

In March of this year, Justin Cater had a horrific fall whilst up a tree he had climbed to look for signs of fish on his Northey Park syndicate. Despite the fact he only fell 10 feet, he is now paralysed from the belly button downwards. The interim period has not only been incredibly stressful for all involved, but also a steep learning curve for Justin for obvious reasons as he convalesced over a number of week in Addenbrookes, as well as hospitals in Leicester and Sheffield.

Justin is now wheelchair-bound and consequently this has meant a lot of alterations at home to make life as normal as possible for both himself and his family, for now he is back at work and making plans to stay mobile with a hand-controlled vehicle, as well as obviously getting back on the bank just as soon as possible... In the days before we went to press, Justin had just managed his first day-session!

Despite the positive progress so far, Justin still can’t access his own house, with the platform he requires costing £6000. To that end, Chris Berry has organised a (sold out) pairs charity match on Wellingborough and Delapre lakes and there will be a large raffle, with a huge list of great prizes, after the event finishes on the 29th September. For all ticket purchases, please use PayPal to: raffle@wellingboroughlakes.com and Chris will be in touch regards your numbers. The JC raffle is open to anyone to enter.

Mick Clifford