Put the FUN back into carping with Mike 'Spug' Redfern

Learn all you need to know about catching carp with basic, fun tuition.

Spug has been fishing for 40 years, 25 of those carping. In June 2001 he landed two tone at 56lb 8oz. At the time it was the 2nd biggest carp ever landed in England and it made him the 4th British angler to catch a 50lb + fish in England and France.

He's also landed 80 different English carp over 30lb, including 4 forties and a fifty.

Recently he's had experience of handling even bigger carp: various giant Siamese carp to 120lb, Mekong catfish to 170lb and an arapaima of 350lb when working at Gilhams Fishing Resorts in Thailand. 

Has written numerous articles for carp magazines over the years, including Big Carp, Advanced Carp Fishing, Total Carp, Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Maximum Carp, Catchmore Carp, Carp Talk and International Carper.

He is a long standing Mainline user since 1994 and became a consultant for Mainline in 2005.

Spug grew up with the 'old school' anglers, Lee Jackson, Paul Forward, Martin Locke to name but a few and these carp fishing legends showed him that understanding carp and what they do, how to find them, how they feed and when they feed is far more important than the latest new fangled rig or fancy rod and reels. This carp fishing apprenticeship put Spug on the right path, which has led to many of his successes, whilst remembering not to take it too seriously and enjoy the journey along the way. 

In 2009 he released his first book Carping Mad to critical acclaim and the limited edition run of 1000 copies sold out quite quickly and has become quite collectable with copies selling for up to £100. His latest book 'Carping Mad 3' was released on the 11th March 2017 at the Carpin On Show at Essex 5 lakes and is now available through his website at www.mikespugredfern.com  

We want everyone to get as much out of these tuitions as possible, so we strongly advise that if you want to come along, then you have a good think about any questions that you may want answering, especially anything which is out of the standard format of the tuition. Feel free to ask anything 'carpy' at all. We want you to enjoy the experience, gain as much from it as possible and as such we can tailor your tuition to suit your own personal needs, if you feel there is a certain area in your carp fishing where you want some advice or help. 

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Mick Clifford