Chub | Vantage Bivvy


RRP: One-man – £439.99, two-man – £479.99 | Online:

Extreme Versatility

Pram hood-style shelters and bivvies have been around for quite some time now. They are quick and easy to put up, and give a good amount of shelter and strength in most angling situations. Chub have taken this style to a whole new level with the Vantage Bivvy, which offers an all-new innovative design to create a high-quality shelter with an abundance of extra space, comfort and protection.

The Chub Vantage Bivvy is manufactured with a strong 16mm four-section frame that has been engineered from 6061 aluminium which has quick-release joints and collars. This guarantees a solid setup, and the back pole has an increased wide angle for added inner space. The material is Chub’s own Climatex high-performance fabric, with an impressive 10,000mm hydrostatic head, so you can be sure that it’s going to keep you dry in the most aggressive of downpours, but still breathable in warm weather. To complement the breathable material is the unique Back Draft Ventilation System, which allows airflow through the bivvy; this is ideal for when fishing in warm conditions, and for trips to France or anywhere in Europe during the warmer months.

The Vantage is available as a one- or two-man bivvy, and comes complete with a heavy-duty groundsheet, a full set of clear windows, and in-line cam lock-style bivvy tension bars, which keep it rigid even in the strongest of winds. It also features an enlarged storm peak to help keep out the rain, which adds to the comfort it offers. As if the Vantage Bivvy doesn’t offer enough protection from the elements, there’s also the option to buy an additional overwrap, which is made from the same Climatex material as the bivvy. It reduces condensation and helps with insulation, allowing you to stay warmer throughout the colder months.

This is a great all-season shelter which will stand up to any angling conditions you put it against, whether that be strong winds on a big open reservoir, or a week in warm conditions whilst fishing in France. One thing you can be certain of is that you will be comfortable in the Vantage Bivvy.


·      Chub’s own Climatex® high-performance fabric with 10,000mm   hydrostatic head
·      New four-section rib system for fast and easy set-up
·      Split pole design for bigger bedchairs
·      Wide angle back pole for increased inner space
·      Unique four-point single tension strap system
·      Enlarged storm peak for wider protection
·      Unique Back Draft™ Ventilation System
·      Unique rod chock strap system
·      Full front set of clear window panels included
·      Full zip-on/off mozzie panel in ripstop mesh
·      Supplied with in-line cam lock bivvy tension bars
·      Completely removable door system
·      Heavy-duty groundsheet with dual clip and elastic pegging system
·      Full set of heavy-duty T-pegs and zip bag included
·      One- and two-man options