Cygnet | Euro Sniper Weigh Tripod

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When it comes to weighing big fish, you can’t always rely on holding up a weigh bar to get an accurate reading from the scales, so a tripod is a must-have for all big-fish anglers. We got hold of the Cygnet Tackle Euro Sniper Weigh Tripod, and gave it a thorough testing at this year’s BYCAC.

On first glance, you see a simple design which hasn’t been over-engineered, which means you’re left with a purpose-made, minimalistic piece of equipment. It is very lightweight, compact, and more than strong enough for the job in hand, and it doesn’t take up too much room on the barrow or in the car. The tripod itself features extending legs which go from 48ins to 90ins when fully extended. This gives a more than adequate amount of clearance from the unhooking mat when weighing any fish. The adjustable legs are locked in place by a dual thumbscrew system, which eliminates the risk of the legs slipping under the weight of a big fish. However, it is important to remember to tighten the thumbscrews, especially with big fish, as the last thing you want is for the fish drop while it’s being weighed, even if it is just onto the unhooking mat.

The tripod has been manufactured from a pressed and moulded aluminium block, with aluminium legs to keep in with the lightweight design, and has been finished in black; this adds to the stealthy look, and matches the whole range from Cygnet.

The Euro Sniper comes complete with three pivoting anchor feet, so the feet can be locked solid using the supplied pegs. This makes sure it doesn’t move at all; it won’t fall over in the wind when you’re not weighing fish, or when weighing fish on the ground because it’s too hard to get the normal points of the tripod legs into it. This super-compact tripod comes with its own carrybag, which features pockets for the pivoting anchor feet, separate pockets for the anchor pegs, and a central compartment for the tripod itself, which is sealed with a drawstring at the top.

Whilst using the Euro Sniper at the BYCAC, it’s safe to say that we could get the most accurate readings possible, rather than using weigh bars or crooks to hoist the fish in the sling. It’s just as compact as a crook, and due to the lightweight design, it made it easier when walking around the lake, weighing several fish.

If you’re a serious big-fish hunter, Cygnet’s Euro Sniper Tripod is just the tool for you. It makes it effortless to weigh big fish, and allows you to get accurate readings every time.