Harrison advanced rods | Aviator Plus 3.6lb TC


RRP: £342 | Online: harrisonrods.co.uk

For years, Harrison has been a top-class brand of rod, and for good reason. The Aviator Plus rods are a thing of beauty, and make for a superb all-round fishing tools. Something you notice instantly about them is the weight; they are incredibly lightweight and the finish on them is simply stunning, and when you combine these cosmetics with a cork handle (which is an extra £18 for the cork option), you end up with very classy and practical rods. An abbreviated Japanese shrink version is available as standard. There are a few variations of the Aviator Plus – the ones we were lucky to trial had Kigan 3D rings with a 50mm butt ring, although a more standard 40mm ringing is also available. The low-resin blanks utilise high-end intermediate modulus carbon which is finished with a 1K weave, which adds to the beauty of the rods, with a thin ply carbon scrim for reinforcement and extra backbone for casting and playing fish. These characteristics give the rods a fantastic through-action, whether you want to fish on small venues or larger venues for bigger fish. They are the ideal tools for the job, as casting is effortless and playing fish on them is a joy. Although they are stated to be 3.6lb TC, they can comfortably cast a lead some distance, but aren’t over-gunned. This means there is casting power and strength within the rod should you need it. The rods have been well thought out and finished to the highest possible standard, and they look just as good as they perform, which I think is a hard thing to achieve. You really don’t have to compromise on performance with these perfectly crafted rods.