Fox | Exocet™ Trans Khaki Tapered Mono


RRP: £9.99 | online: foxint

I’m very fond of tapered leader lines and use them frequently, so I looked at this latest offering from Fox in great detail. It starts at a very strong 35lb (0.50mm) for 8m, and the line tapers down over the next 6m to either 12lb (0.30mm) or 15lb (0.33mm), and then 300m of 12 or 15lb line tapers back up to the 35lb, in an identical fashion to the other end. Colour-wise, it comes in low-visibility Trans Khaki blend, which virtually disappears on the lakebed and in midwater. This product is perfect for distance casting on waters where leaders are banned, and can achieve casts in excess of 180m. The double taper means the line can be reversed, which gives greater value for money. The line itself is very supple yet highly abrasion-resistant, and has great knot strength and low memory. Supplied on 300m spools.

Available in: 12lb – 35lb; 15lb – 35lb