Cygnet | 12M Baiting Pole

RRP: £129.99 |

I am a huge fan of baiting spoons, and find them perfect for dropping rigs and a small pile of bait in those tricky out-of-the-way spots. In fact, my current syndicate water is the ideal stomping ground for such a tool. Over the years, I’ve fashioned many myself, some functional, and some not up to the job in hand, so it was with great interest that I took my first look at the Cygnet 12m Baiting Pole. I set it up in the modest confines of the office, and it looked massive. It is a seven-section put-over carbon composite pole, which stores within itself, and combined with the Baiting Spoon and Baiting Spoon Float, it looked perfect for the job. A few days after getting my hands on the pole, I went out for an afternoon session and chucked it in the van to have a play with. After a stroll round, I found a few fish mooching near a snag tree to the left of a very tight swim, where casting accurately just wasn’t possible. I quietly set everything up, and then dropped my rig and a big handful of tiny pellets into the massive spoon. I crouched low and carefully shipped the whole thing out. I was very surprised at how stable the big Baiting Spoon was while being pushed out, and how well the Baiting Spoon Float supported not only the Spoon, but also the entire pole. I used it at the full 12m, which was surprisingly easy, and it tipped and dropped the rig plus bait right next to the tree where I’d seen the fish. Manoeuvring the whole thing stealthily into place was so easy that I surprised even myself. With the rig dropped, I retired to a safe distance and resisted the temptation to go and look if the carp were still in residence. Thankfully, after about 20 minutes, the tip bent around, thanks to the locked-up clutch, and the culprit kited from the sanctuary of the branches. Score one to Cygnet. I must admit that I find this professionally built pole to be perfect – miles better than anything I concocted at home. The quality of the pole itself is top class, and it’s very rigid and light considering the price tag.

Baiting Spoon

The busines end of any baiting pole, the Baiting Spoon fits most landing net poles or storm rods via the 3/8 BSF thread. The spoon features an optional partition to keep wet bait separate from hookbaits, foam and PVA.  RRP: £9.99

Baiting Spoon Float

The Baiting Spoon Float effortlessly supports the heaviest of payloads in any baiting spoon arrangement. It is held in place by locating the 3/8 BSF thread of the spoon through the smaller hole, and screwing onto the baiting pole/stick. Then simply adjust the pull cord for a snug fit. RRP: £7.99

Mick Clifford