Gardner | Retention Sling

RRP: £34.99 |

This Retention Sling is designed for anglers to temporarily retain fish and then weigh them in the safest possible way. You might think that if you have seen one retention sling you’ve seen them all, and to some extent this is true. However, we really like this version from the guys at Gardner, which ticks all the boxes for us. This sling minimises handling, whether from the mat to the lake, or even the other way round. It is also extremely useful for allowing fish to recover before and after weighing, treatment and photography – it can fully recuperate in the water before being released. The sling features large, soft mesh panels that allow excellent water exchange, which is absolutely essential to allow the fish a speedy and full recovery after capture. Hi-vis reflective bands highlight the position of the sling in low light and at night, and it is manufactured with single-piece solid composite poles that are strong and lightweight. A full-length zip secures the fish safely in the sling, and floats give enough buoyancy to keep it on the surface. This sling has been designed to give the fish adequate space, but not enough room to enable it to turn around. It offers plenty of room for large carp, but isn’t so deep that fish can potentially rub on the lakebed.