JRC | Extreme TX Brolly System

RRP: £279.99 | Online: jrc-fishing.co.uk

The world of carp angling appears to be split equally into two halves – those who spend their time under a brolly, and those who are bivvy dwellers. Each group has its favourite features of each product, saying things like: “It’s as solid as a rock once it’s up,” or, “It can be chucked up in a second.” Unfortunately though, one thing that brolly users can never say is: “I never get condensation dripping on me,” because at certain times of the year this is a real pain in the bum when under a brolly. However, under the TX you won’t experience this problem, thanks to the unique condensation guard, which is best described as a liner inside the brolly which forms a twin skin, and so stops those irritating drips. And it doesn’t stop there. The TX is made from Hydra-Tex ® material which boasts HH of 20,000mm, which means it is waterproof and breathable, and talking of rain, it also has a gutter system around the front of the brolly. The zip-off front means the TX offers the same protection as a bivvy; it has a two-way door system, and a mozzie panel front for the summer nights. Thanks to a clever internal boss system, the ribs of the brolly barely encroach on the living space, which means plenty of headroom; in fact, the whole thing is pretty large inside, which makes it a comfortable place to be, even for a few days. Another nice touch is that the two supplied storm poles have magnetic connecters, which makes the whole process of setting up quicker, and easier. The package is completed with the normal additions – rod straps, pegs, and a zipped heavy-duty carrybag. In use, the Extreme TX went up quickly, and with the front in place, it was very similar to being in a bivvy, such is the level of protection provided. The big mozzie panels will appeal to many anglers who suffer from hordes of bloodsuckers on their chosen venue, and will allow for a trouble-free night’s sleep. Once the front is zipped off, you are back in familiar territory; it’s a great brolly system, with the added advantage of the condensation guard, which we are sure will make a huge difference to many anglers. This is a quality product with some great features, so keep an eye out at your local tackle shop, and expect to pay around £250 for an impressive bit of kit.