RidgeMonkey | Action Station


RRP: £29.99 | Online: ridgemonkey.co.uk

I don’t really know how to pigeonhole this product, so instead I’ll give you RidgeMonkey’s own description and reveal my thoughts after: ‘A handy table unit with a universal bracket system that attaches to almost any brolly, bedchair or bankstick.’

Basically, it’s a tough plastic storage unit with a locking lid, and once the bracket is in place, you can quickly attach the box full of everything you need to hand. Once the lid is shut, it can be used as a table as well. It’s brilliant, and I loved it from the very first time I used it. I’ve attached mine to one of the storm poles on my brolly, so all my bits and pieces are to hand when I’ve got the rod propped up, changing a rig or a bait. Once I’ve done what I need to do, I put my headtorch on top, ready for action, and it really does work a treat. The tackle box itself is well made and has three internal sections. Going from left to right, there’s a large compartment which is roughly 22cm x 15cm, which holds loads of bits and pieces. Next is a long thin compartment, 2cm x 15cm, ideal for baiting needles (it takes two of the style I use). The last compartment is 8.5cm x 15cm, and is exactly the right size to take an iPhone 6S if needed. The bracket adjusts in a variety of ways, so once the box is attached, it can be adjusted to be perfectly level. It comes complete with five inserts, so can be attached to a wide range of different diameter tubes; this means it can grip anything from a standard bankstick right up to the leg of a bedchair. This handy little gadget won’t catch you any more fish, but it will make your life so much simpler – a truly great bit of kit. To put it into perspective, I’ve used it once on my local syndicate water, and since then everyone who has seen it has purchased one, which is testament to just how good it is. Buy one now – you really won’t regret it.