JRC | Kurve Indicator System

RRP: £12.99 to £34.99 | Online: jrc-fishing.co.uk

The guys at JRC have been testing these indicators for ages, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness this process for several months, so I know how much effort has been put in to get these spot on. A set of three indicators is very good value, and you get everything you’ll ever need to fish three rods in a wide range of different situations – anything from the margin to the horizon. I must admit that I personally like the distinctive look, and appreciate the fact that you can customise how exactly you use them when on the bank. I’ve only had a set of Kurves for a few weeks, so I haven’t had a great deal of time to put them through their paces, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far, and know the build quality is spot on.

This is what the guys had to say: “The Kurve Indicator features an articulating head and unique line clip system, which can be set to grip the line or allow it to run freely. These two key factors mean that the Kurve can be adjusted to be incredibly sensitive at picking up shy bites, or adjusted to minimise false bites caused by wind, etc. Thanks to the flattened surface of the Kurve’s body, the indicator can be positioned flat to the ground when fishing slack line, again increasing sensitivity and erasing false wind-related bleeps. Five colour lenses are included so the Kurves can be pimped up, and with both a chain and a swing arm, the indicator can be tailored to the angler’s preference.”

When you consider a single system is only £12.99, and a set of three costs just £34.99, you can see how attractively priced these are. One of my favourite features so far is how the square body can sit on the floor with the articulating head pointing to the sky, which allows you to fish with a mega-slack line. I am absolutely positive that these indicators will find an army of fans simply because they look great and function faultlessly. Visit a tackle shop near you and check them out; you won’t be disappointed.