Powa Pac | 22ah

RRP: £110-£130 | Online: powapacs.co.uk

I travel across to the likes of Rainbow for week-long sessions, so I am a big user of power packs, leisure batteries, etc. This little fella is right up my street, and I opted for the daddy of the range at an impressive 22ah, which is plenty of power to charge my mobile phone over and over, as well as run some handy little bivvy lights at the same time. I was very impressed with the high standard of finish on the box itself; it’s really tough, well built, and pretty robust, and weighs in at 6.6kg. The price starts at £110 for this particular size with the standard grey finish, although if you want to be ultra-carpy, for an extra few quid you could go for Realtree, camo, digital camo, or carbon look. Chris, the owner of the company, and the man who builds every pack sold, is so confident in his own product and the fact that he only uses the highest quality parts and accessories, that he offers a 2-year limited warranty on the Powa Pacs. Every box is fuse-protected, with an easy-to-find fuse housing to minimise overloading of the accessories. There’s also a patented vent system on every Powa Pac; lead acid batteries can vent gas when charging, so it needs to be done in well-ventilated areas.

The box is fully water-resistant, so is ideal for use on wet or damp ground. All the internal elements are protected from the ingress of both water and dust, and all the sockets are fitted with a water-resistant dust cover. The box comes supplied with a double USB socket, 12V accessory socket (cigarette lighter type), seven-pin strip light socket, and a very neat and good-looking digital battery level display, which is extremely useful. There is also a remote supplied to remotely switch the swim light (strip light) on and off, and it even includes a dimmer function. Another great thing is that the charging plug which comes supplied as standard gives both UK and EU capabilities, which means you don’t need to mess about with adaptors when charging it up across the Channel. There are plenty of accessories and lighting options available as additional extras; the lighting kit I received included a strip light (which can be dimmed or brightened, as well as glow either red or white), a spotlight, and a handy rig-tying lamp, which will set you back £45.99 – it’s well worth the money. There are also smaller capacity Powa Pacs available for the shorter session anglers, and apparently there will be some carrybags available for them early in 2016 to keep them safe in transit.