RidgeMonkey | Air Dry System


Expect to pay: £16.99 | Online: ridgemonkey.co.uk

Air-drying baits has just become much, much easier now that this innovative product from Ridge Monkey has become available. It’s obvious that a lot of thought has gone into what is really a simple idea, but it’s the attention to detail that makes it different. For a start, it’s made from a freezable rubberised mesh with a showerproof top cover. It also features three separate tiers which can be accessed via toggle-zipped panels, and because it’s circular, there should be no areas where the air can’t circulate, so the baits will dry evenly and much quicker. The hanging system has multiple support points, is strong, has a quick attach/release system, and no matter how much bait is in the tiers, the whole lot will hang vertically to ensure that air can circulate and the zipped access points are level. 

All in all, the days of drying baits in your spare landing nets, or having net bags of all shapes and sizes hanging from the trees, are numbered, and Ridge Monkey have taken a simple idea to a new dimension. This is certainly one of the best air-drying systems we’ve seen.