JRC | Stealth Bloxx Compact

RRP: £259.99; Stealth Bloxx Compact Wrap - £129.99 | Online: jrc-fishing.co.uk

The Stealth Bloxx Compact is a hybrid between a pram hood-style bivvy and a lightweight brolly system, and is based on the original and very popular Stealth Bloxx. Unlike a conventional brolly, the exoskeleton design allows it to be used in all conditions, whether it’s warm and sunny, or hammering it down while sitting in a headwind. It features a very user-friendly tension system, which means it can be set up as tight as a drum, and for added stability it comes with two 48ins storm poles. It’s very simple to erect this clever bivvy – connect the two halves of the five ribs, and then fan them out from the central block for the shape. Slot the front ribs into place in the block for the peak, and peg it out using the heavy-duty pegs.

I don’t tend to use a groundsheet with a lightweight bivvy or brolly, but this one is supplied with a heavy-duty PE groundsheet, so there’s always an extra level of comfort available should you need to batten down the hatches and wait it out in a storm. Something that I especially like about the Stealth Bloxx Compact is the two-way door system. I love being able to sit on my bedchair and watch the water for signs of fish, and when it’s a bit chilly, I like to be able to peek through a letterbox and stay protected against the elements.

The guys at JRC haven’t messed about when it comes to vents and mozzie mesh. A full mesh front is hidden neatly behind the solid panels, which are made from the same 10,000HH Hydratex waterproof material as the rest of the bivvy. The large rear vents are perfect for opening up to keep cool air flowing through on those scorching summer days, without being invaded by insects. This bivvy is smaller and lighter than its bigger brother, and due to the smaller footprint, it can fit into tighter swims than before. However, don’t let that put you off – there is more than enough room to fit all your essentials for both short and long sessions.