Greys | GT Spod Rod Range

RRP: £119.99 to £159.99 | Online:

I hate to sound like an old duffer, but here goes – I well remember the time that if you wanted a spod or marker rod, you pressed any old floppy stick into use and got on with it. Then it slowly dawned on anglers that if you really wanted to do something well, you needed the right tool for the job, hence the birth of the modern dedicated spod rod. Now Greys have taken it one step further, and designed a range of rods to suit just about every spodding requirement, which means you can get the perfect setup to meet your own specialised needs.

Each model is decked out in an identical manner, and is a no-nonsense arrangement built to stand the rigours of spodding. Each rod has an Anti Frap tip ring, G-lite™ ultralite guides, and a Fuji NPS 20 reel seat with locking collar. All the rods are finished with a raw carbon anti-scratch sanded finish, and eye-catching black anodised butt cap and collars.

First in the line-up is the 12ft GT Spod, which retails for £119.99. This is a great all-rounder that can chuck a fully-loaded Spomb to medium range, and it’s beautiful to use. It is one of those rods which is a pleasure to use, even when putting out a load of bait to the 60-80m mark. Next is the 12ft 6ins GT Distance, with an RRP of £139.99, and the clue is in the name. This model has slightly more backbone, and will chuck a Spomb or spod to the horizon. It is a more specialised bit of kit, so needs mastering, but it does the job perfectly. Finally, there is the GT Extreme Spod and Marker, or the X.S.M., which is 13ft, and retails for £159.99. This really is a monster, and has been specifically designed to cast huge distances with a spod or marker float. In the right hands, this tool is absolutely awe-inspiring. This particular model is decked out with depth markers of 6ins, 12ins, 18ins, and 24ins to help when used as a marker. 

On the day I tried this rod, I put the marker float out using 20lb braid, with leader, and actually couldn’t reach it with the rods I was using – impressive indeed. When it came to using it with a Spomb loaded with a wet particle mix, this rod was reaching stupid distances. I will say, however, that a good casting technique is essential to get the best out of this rod. It is a very specialised bit of kit, and all three rods are excellent and good value. Within the range, you should find something perfect for your needs, whatever they are.