Vantage Footwear Range | Chub


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For several years now, anglers have been wearing lots of different footwear on the bank, everything from hiking boots to trainers. With this in mind, Chub decided that they were going to design a complete range of bankside footwear with the carp angler solely in mind, to suit the varying conditions they are likely to face.

The first item in the range is the Vantage Field Boot, which is reminiscent of a hiking boot but with hidden additions. One thing that isn’t hidden is the unique styling of the Field Boot, which is very eye-catching and utilises Chub’s orange brand colour to give it some small but distinctive highlights. The boots are very comfortable and light, support your ankle well, and are a pleasure to walk in. They are waterproof and you can actually stand in water for up to 4 hours with no ingress whatsoever, so walking through wet grass isn’t an issue. They are also breathable, which means they are very kind to your feet, and make the wearing experience even more pleasurable. 

One thing that anglers will love is the thermal lining, which should make them ideal for even the harshest of days on the bank. The thread on the sole is deep and non-slip, which again helps when you are out and about. I’ve worn these boots for about a month now, and have not only used them for fishing, but also for walking the dog. As yet, I have encountered no problems, and genuinely find them pleasant to wear. Considering the number of miles I do, I’m sure I would have noticed any flaws. These boots come at a price that is comparable with hiking boots, but definitely have the edge when it comes to the extra features that are a bonus for anglers.

Next, there is the Vantage Ankle Boot, which, as the name suggests, is a shorter version of the Field Boot, and boasts the same spec as its bigger brother. These are very comfortable and light, and are ideal for life on the bank during the summer and autumn when conditions are far less challenging, but you can still be faced with heavy rain and waterlogged grass. For just £59.99, we think they are very reasonably priced and are sure to find an army of fans.

Finally, there’s the Vantage Camo Trainers, and these look very carpy, with what is best described as a digital-style camo pattern that looks stunning. Surprisingly, these Trainers have the same waterproof properties as the rest of the range, and fashion-conscious anglers will love them. They are made from robust action leather and nylon, which means they’ll be hard-wearing, so they are good value at £64.99.

I really like the range and think it has been well thought out, and each item will appeal to
different people. Price-wise, they are competitive with the type of footwear that you’d normally wear on the bank, but with some good design features to make them that little bit better. All available in sizes from 7 to 12, and definitely warrant an inspection if you fancy some trendy bankside footwear. 

Mick Clifford