2-Cook Deluxe | Cadac


RRP: £110 | Online: cadacinternational.com

I’ve been a huge fan of Cadac products for a number of years after first seeing them at the old CLA Game Fair, where I became the proud owner of a Safari Chef. This cooker has accompanied me all over the UK and Europe and has never missed a beat. So it was with a great deal of interest that I recently had a look at the 2-Cook 2 Deluxe which is a more traditional suitcase-style cooker. It comes in its own carry case which has a large side pocket. In this pocket there are two cooking plates, one ribbed and one flat, which can be sat on top the gas rings and opens up a whole multitude of options. The cooker is designed to be powered by a refillable LP Gas cylinder (not included), but don’t panic, Cadac do another handy gizmo the Dual Power Pak. This fella makes the cooker perfect for anglers and retails at £28.

The Dual Power Pak is the first of its kind. A portable, dual gas cartridge supply which works with most gas appliances including small barbecues, camping stoves and small heaters. It is light and easily portable, making it is perfect for fi shing and other outdoor pursuits. It can take 2x 300g, 2x 445g or 2x 500g threaded EN417 gas valve cartridges which combine the gas supply and regulate it to 28mBar regardless of external temperature to power the appliance,which is just brilliant.

After connecting the gas, open the lid and you’re ready to go. You can use it as two rings, a ring and a hot plate, or two hot plates. The rings are lit by the automatic piezo ignition which activates when you turn the gas on.

In use, I found the 2-Cook to be very versatile and have cooked a wide variety of differentthings on it including steak, chops and chicken. It is also epic for cooking breakfast, I piled bothhot plates with bacon, sausage, mushrooms etc., and it cooked them to perfection with ease,even the fried eggs. You can even have the kettle on the go if you only want to use one hot plate.

After use the whole thing was dead simple to clean, in fact, a quick wipe with a warm clothhad it absolutely sparkling. The two-burner design and the versatility of the hot plates make itthe ideal bankside companion. It is perfect for longer sessions and trips abroad. It packs downneatly, and actually isn’t that heavy. I was very impressed.

Mick Clifford