Carp Fishing Barrow with Barrow Bag | The Carpzone


RRP: £99.99 | online:

The CarpZone Barrow really is a handy bit of kit with several features that you’d expect on much higher-priced barrows. It has versatile load-carrying capabilities and has been designed to be extremely compact when folded for easy stowing.

The load bed is fitted with fully extendable side and front bars and has meshed panels to stop tackle items falling through, which is a nice touch. Underneath is a large capacity barrow bag, complete with a zipped top and two easily-adjustable elasticated security straps which have ultra-strong nylon grab hooks attached.

The legs have large swivelling mudfeet and are height adjustable via spring-loaded locking pins. To ensure that the weight of the load is balanced for easy pushing, the barrow features a large treaded wide front wheel, which can be attached and detached in seconds, for ease of storage.

This is a well thought-out bit of kit which makes getting all your gear to a distant swim easy, with the added advantage that when you return to your car it will go back inside easily too.

Mick Cliffordsecond