Direct Connect + CM90 Line | Berkley

Long Term Test

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Direct Connect+ CM90 is the pinnacle of modern carp lines, and is the culmination of years of research and development. Berkley has chosen a very subtle green colour for this line which is just about perfect.

It is made from pro-grade alloy monofilament polymers, which enhances its performance. This line has specifically been designed to be as dense as possible, which enhances the sinking properties; this means it cuts through the surface fi lm and settles on the lakebed very quickly. It also has measured stretch, combined with a supple nature that improves casting and abrasion-resistance.

In use, I’ve found this line to perform superbly, and love the feel and high knot strength. My local water has been very weedy for a couple of months and I’ve been using the 18lb version to great effect. Not only is it strong, but the controlled stretch is a real advantage when it comes to applying steady pressure to gain the upper hand.

It is available in 8lb – 0.28mm, 10lb – 0.30mm, 12lb – 0.34mm, 15lb – 0.38mm, 18lb – 0.40mm and 20lb – 0.45mm. It comes on 1,200m spools which means you can comfortably fill three reels. It has been a rock-solid performer, and will definitely stay on my reels for the very foreseeable future.

Mick Clifford