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Monster Tiger Nut is a classic bait and its results really shone when it was first released in 2004. I remember well the huge catches Tim Wagner had from Wellington Country Park when the baits first hit the shelves. Nearly 13 years on nothing has changed and it is still many anglers’ go-to bait.

So in 2013 when Dynamite were updating the Monster Tiger Nut packaging they made the brave move to bring a new version out without detracting from the winning formula of the original. It was while testing was taking place for another bait that the development team at Dynamite sourced a new fruit based palatant. During field trials, the results spoke for themselves, and the new additive was really
making a difference.

It was decided to roll some test samples using varying dosages of the new palatant using the Original Monster Tiger Nut base mix. It wasn’t long before the fieldtesters were submitting their results and the best levels were soon discovered; the team knew they were onto a winner, including tiger nut flour, tiger nut milk, a sweet vanilla palatant, and all-season attractants.

The finished bait was rolled in a washed-out pink colour that is very subtle and looks great once immersed in water. The combination of flavours create a lovely sweet, creamy nut boilie with fruity overtones. 

In its first year of launch it took some of the UK’s more difficult fish including the Chertsey mirror at 55lb+, and also the lake’s largest common at 45lb within a week of each other, both in December too. Since then the Red Amo has proven itself to be a very versatile bait, equally effective during both summer and winter.

The range is very comprehensive and includes shelf life boilies in 10, 15, and 20mm, in 1kg and 5kg bags. The freezer baits are available in the same size packs, but only in 15 and 18mm, you can also get 14mm dumbells in both variants.

Hookbait-wise you really are spoilt for choice as there are five alternatives, you can get Food Bait Pop-ups in 15 and 20mm that are needle-friendly and match the boilies perfectly, you even get a bottle of booster dip included. Then there’s a mixed pot of Hardened Hookbaits which includes boilies and dumbells in 14, 15, and 20mm. These baits will last at least 48 hours.

Finally, we get to the three different Cork Ball versions, there’s a matching 15mm pop-up, and an identical wafter version. I should mention that the pots that the Cork Ball baits come in are very clever, they have an internal plastic basket which doesn’t quite reach the bottom. This allows the included booster dip to coat the hookbaits, but not to saturate them and ruin their buoyancy. There’s also a Fluoro Pink pop-up in 15mm.

The range is completed by a PVA concentrated Hookbait Dip in 100ml, and a Re-hydration Liquid Attractant in 500ml, which is designed for
soaking boilies.

As you can see the range is well thought out and very comprehensive, and the only thing I can say is this variation of a classic is well worth ago. But be warned, one sniff and it’s you who will be hooked.

Mick Cliffordsecond