Scopex Squid Pop-ups | Nash


RRP: £4.99-6.99 | Online:

The reintroduction of Scopex Squid has really caused quite a stir amongst anglers, in fact, many tackle shops are reporting that they are selling out tremendously quickly. The range is pretty comprehensive and includes a variety of different hookbaits including Wafters, Hard Ons, Pop-ups, and Cultured Hookbaits.

The pop-ups are very buoyant, have a nice firm texture and can be pierced. They come in natural, white, pink and yellow, and in sizes 12, 15 and 20mm. The smaller size retails at £4.99 a tub whereas the 15 and 20mm retail at £6.99.

On the bank, a 15mm hookbait comfortably holds up a size 4 Ronnie Rig and stays the same buoyancy-wise for 48 hours. The 12mm version will make subtle little pop-up presentations, and also make the perfect Snowman combination slightly trimmed with a 15mm bottom bait.

In next month’s issue well take a look at some of the other
hookbait variations. 

Mick Cliffordsecond