Fox | Grappling Marker Leads

RRP:  £5.99 for pack of 2 | Online:

This is a commercial twist on a method used by many anglers including Fox’s own Tom Maker. The guys used to convert sea fishing breakaway leads, with the aid of a cable tie, in to feature/mini rakes to get an idea of what’s on the lakebed. This unique design will aid your feature finding. The lead itself features four prongs that will pick up traces of lakebed debris, weed and natural food items to enable you to establish exactly what you are fishing over. The weight-forward design enables them to be cast a long way, and the dumpy nose ensures more of the lead is in contact with the lakebed so more vibrations are transmitted up the braided line to the marker rod tip.

Two leads per pack, available in three sizes – 3oz/85g, 4oz/113g and 5oz/142g

Mick Clifford