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Berkley is one of the world’s biggest line manufacturers, and invests millions of dollars into research and development to push line technology to its very limit. This is why the US-based company is the market leader in everything from mono to braid. Over the last couple of years, Berkley has been pioneering new production processes and the very latest materials in order to produce the Connect range of lines, which includes two monos, a fluorocarbon, and a braid. Here’s our first look at these super-lines, and over the next few months we’ll give you the results of our extensive testing at home and abroad, in a wide range of different angling situations.


Connect CM70
Direct Connect CM70 is a really carpy dark colour, which should find favour with many anglers. The line itself is a high-performance copolymer, so it is strong, hard-wearing, supple, and has high shock-resistance. From the first tests, it knots very well, resists kinking, and shows good abrasion-resistance. It comes on 1,000m spools in 8lb – 0.28mm, 10lb – 0.30mm, 12lb – 0.34mm, 15lb – 0.38mm, 18lb – 0.40mm, 20lb – 0.45mm, and retails for £12.99.
    We are very impressed with this line and found it to be user-friendly, with controlled stretch. It is very supple and easy to spool up, and we found it to have very little memory. The casting performance was impressive and it felt beautifully smooth. In use, it has proved to be very hard-wearing for such a good-value line, and we particularly like the 12lb version for most day-to-day fishing.


Connect CM90
Direct Connect CM90 is the pinnacle of modern carp lines, and is the culmination of years of research and development. Berkley has chosen a very subtle green colour for this line, which is just about perfect. It is made from pro-grade alloy monofilament polymers, which enhances its performance. This line has specifically been designed to be as dense as possible, which enhances the sinking properties; this means it cuts through the surface film and settles on the lakebed very quickly. It also has measured stretch, combined with a supple nature that improves casting and abrasion-resistance.

In use we found this line to perform superbly, and love the feel and high knot strength. It is available in 8lb – 0.28mm, 10lb – 0.30mm, 12lb – 0.34mm, 15lb – 0.38mm, 18lb – 0.40mm, 20lb – 0.45mm. It comes on 1,200m spools and retails for £19.99.


Connect CF600
Although fluorocarbon lines have many advantages for carp anglers, they were never particularly user-friendly – that was until the introduction of Direct Connection CF600. The real advantage of this line is that it’s just so easy to use, thanks to how supple it is, which in turn translates into the indisputable fact that it casts brilliantly well. 

This fluorocarbon has the same properties as others, which includes being ultra-fast sinking, and controlled stretch for quicker and easier control over hooked fish. Berkley revealed that a new production development has made it possible to create the best fluorocarbon main line. This process has produced a line with flexibility, near invisibility, and ultra-abrasion-resistance, which makes it a highly desirable product. 

Spooling up this line was a pleasure, and the first couple of trips were a real eye-opener when it came to casting, and how user-friendly it is.

The CF600 retails at £49.99 for 1,200m, and is available in 10lb – 0.30mm, 12lb – 0.34mm, 15lb – 0.38mm, 18lb – 0.40mm, 20lb – 0.45mm. This makes it outstanding value for money, and it’s well worth a closer look if you want a top-quality fluorocarbon line.


Connect CB2000
Braid has a whole host of uses within carp fishing, everything from spod and marker work, right through to use as a reel line at home or abroad. This new braid comes on 900m spools, which means three reels can be filled, and is available in a wide range of breaking strains. This makes it perfect for lots of applications, everything from distance fishing right through to snaggy situations. 

This braid is manufactured using 100% PE Dyneema fibres, which provide it with no stretch and supreme strength-to-diameter ratio. It has a lovely tight weave and smooth finish, which means it behaves and casts superbly. Due to the waterproof properties of Dyneema, it doesn’t absorb water, which makes it ultra-buoyant and perfect for a range of uses. Finally, it utilises a very subtle green dye which helps it blend in.

It is made in the USA and comes on 900m spools, and is available in 25lb – 0.16mm, 30lb – 0.20mm, 35lb – 0.22mm, 45lb – 0.25mm, 65lb – 30mm, 80lb – 0.35mm, 100lb – 0.40mm, for a very attractive £89.99.