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There’s nothing worse than freezing while you’re in bed, waiting for a winter bite. That’s why it’s important to have a sleeping bag that is up to the task in hand and capable of keeping you warm and comfortable, right through to minus conditions. The Chub Vantage 5-Season Sleeping Bag has been designed with the dedicated anglers in mind, those who go out in all conditions and seasons, to keep them warm and allow them to get a good night’s sleep, even when the fish aren’t feeding. 

The bag has been filled with high-quality silicone-treated hollowfibre, which gives superb insulation. When combined with the 100% Peachskin outer layer, which is not only breathable but waterproof, it gives even greater protection from the elements. The inner lining of the bag has been incredibly well thought out, and features a smooth polyester- lined base which allows for ease of movement, unlike entirely fleece-lined bags, where the fleece can get caught up in the fleece on the bottom layer, making it difficult to get out at times. The top layer is fleece-lined, which aids with further retention of heat and gives added comfort.

Unlike many modern sleeping bags, the oversized No.10 Coil Crash Zips don’t go all the way to the bottom of the bag. They stop three-quarters of the way, and provide a toasty Hot-Foot-Box; this keeps your feet warm and stops any potential draughts from zips at the bottom of the bag. The bag has more unique features too, such as inner pockets for your hands and a Hot Foot Drawstring, which reduces the amount of free space at the bottom of the sleeping bag to give greater warmth. There is also the Konnect – 3 attachment system, which keeps the sleeping bag in place on the bedchair and allows you to move freely.

This sleeping bag comes in two sizes, to suit both standard and slightly wider bedchairs, and comes complete in a full compression bag, so when packed away, the minimum amount of space is taken up.

Mick Clifford