cygnet | 20/20 goalpost snugs

RRP: £12.99 each | Online:

A great alternative to the traditional T-style setup, Cygnet’s 20/20 Goalpost Snugs allow you to create a rock-solid setup. This helps eliminate any wobble when fishing in soft ground, where a single bankstick may not be up to the job of keeping the rods steady in harsh conditions such as strong wind and driving rain. Not only are they highly practical, they also look great, which has been something that goalpost-style setups have lacked in the past. They are constructed from solid anodised aluminium bar; this gives excellent strength without compromising the overall weight too much, and also gives a real feel of the great quality of the manufacturing – you can be sure of absolutely no wobble on them. 

The Snugs are ideal for snag fishing when using locked-up clutches, so the bankware isn’t pulled over. To ensure complete security, simply put the butt rings in front of the alarms and have confidence that the rods aren’t going anywhere, even with the most savage of takes. The great thing about them is that they have been made in compact sizes too, with four sizes available. This allows you to create a spread on the rod tips, which creates separation between each rod and avoids any line crossing.