Free Spirit | CTX SPM ROD

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The Free Spirit CTX range of rods has been hugely popular with many anglers. They are excellent quality rods, capable of handling some of the most demanding fishing with ease, and all for a very reasonable price. The CTX SPM Rod is one such outstanding rod. It is manufactured using a complex process which integrates 40t and 30t carbons with a low resin content below 25%; this gives the rod superb recovery in the cast, and allows you to achieve impressive distances with ease.

The S-Lite Rings used make for an even lighter rod, which also aids with tip speed recovery. These rods are perfect for both spod and marker work, with 1ft and 2ft markers up the blank of the butt section to accurately measure depths when doing marker work. Thanks to the stiffness of the rod, it‘s easier to feel every detail on the lakebed when using braid, and makes it even more responsive. 

The quality of the rod is unbelievable for the price, and the outstanding performance is matched by the look, with a Fuji DNPS reel seat and stainless steel collars which look very stylish, as well as being practical. They easily wipe clean so you won’t suffer with bait covering the reel seat, and be struggling to get it out of all the small grooves. 

The rod itself packs a real punch, and when I took it out to a local venue, I was impressed by the range I could achieve, and with minimal effort. The three-legged rings are super-robust too, even when using heavy shockleaders. You can easily cause damage to the rings should you be unfortunate enough to frap-up on one of the eyes, but this helps eliminate that possibility, and being 50 to 16mm, the braid flows freely through them on the cast. 

Not only is this rod highly practical and multifunctional, being a Spomb and marker rod, it also looks great. It features an unground lacquered finish with a carbon X-wrap which runs all the way up the blank.


Mick Clifford